How To Get A Shein Gift Card

Shein is a big-time online retailer dealing in clothes, accessories, and many other fashion products. Aside from high-quality and trendy apparel, Shein offers shoppers a chance to save money on every purchase made with their gift cards.  If you were wondering how to get a Shein gift card, you’re in luck.

The Shein gift card ranges from $25 to $1350 and is available only on Shein’s official website.  You can’t buy Shein gift cards from independent merchants like Walmart and Amazon and eBay.

This article will cover all there is about Shein gift cards, how to get them, and how to shop with them.

What Are Shein Gift Cards?

Shein gift cards are e-cards you can use in place of cash to shop only on the Shein website. If you have a Shein gift card, you can use it to pay for an item worth the same amount in real currency. A $25 gift card is the same as holding $25 cash. Shein gift cards work like Amazon and eBay gift cards.

You also get a 5% discount on gift cards above $200. The $460 Shein gift card attracts 8% discount while the $1,350 gift card attracts 10% discount. The $1,350 Shein gift card is the highest.

How To Get a Shein Gift Card 

You can only get the Shein gift card from Shein’s website. Since they are e-cards, they are for online use only.  

To purchase a Shein gift card:

  • Log on to Shein’s website.
  • On the top left of the screen, click on SALE and select GIFT CARDS.
  • You’ll see gift cards for different occasions like Happy birthday, Congratulations, etc., under DESIGN and the prices for them under AMOUNT.
  • Click on the price you want and then select a suitable design.
  • Fill in the required fields (email, name) on the right side of the page.
  • After payment, check your email for a confirmatory email. 
  • You will get a second email with the gift card pin and number.
  • If you don’t get the mail in your inbox, check your Spam, it could be there.
  • If you can’t find it, wait a few minutes and contact Shein’s customer support.

Can I Get A Shein Gift Card Free?

You can’t get a free Shein gift card; you can only buy it. Any site that claims to be giving out Shein gift cards is a SCAM. Fraudsters often use the promise of a free Shein gift card to customers to do fake surveys. It doesn’t matter how reputable the site looks; free Shein gift cards are not real.

Instead, you’ll keep shopping on Shein and save a few dollars per transaction. Over time, you’ll accumulate enough money to purchase a gift card. 

How Can I Save On Shein?

One of the smartest ways to save on Shein is using coupon extensions. These are extensions you can install on your browser that allow you to find and apply coupons when shopping online. Common coupon extensions you can use on Shein are Coupert and Honey promo codes.

You can also save money on cashback from your credit card provider when you pay with your credit card.

Saving Money On Shein With Coupon extensions 

Online retail sites like Shein offer coupons to all their customers, but these promo codes are rarely updated on their websites. 

Coupert and Honey are browser extensions that enable you to search and verify promo codes automatically. They also help you to get cashback on every order. You can get them free.  

To add the Coupert extension to your browser:

  • Go to Chrome web store and search Coupert and tab on it when it appears.
  • Click on Add to Chrome.
  • Go to

To add the Honey extension to your browser:

  • Go to Chrome web store.
  • Search Honey in the search bar, and filter to Extensions if you can’t locate it.
  • If that doesn’t work, click here to add the extension to Chrome.

To find coupon codes on Shein:

  • Check the top right corner of your screen and click on Extensions
  • Find the Coupert or Honey icon on your extensions list and click on it. 
  • It will show you all recent promo codes from Shein. 

Adding coupon extensions also initiates cashback for every purchase you make in the store.

Save Money On Shein Using Cashback Websites

For every order you make on Shein, you can use cashback websites like to earn cashback. All you have to do is sign up on the cashback website. You’ll use a link from the site to access Shein and start shopping. Extrabux offers a 10% cashback rebate. Survey sites like Swagbucks also give you rewards you can redeem for gift cards or PayPal cash.

How Can I Check My Shein Gift Card Balance?

To check your Shein gift card balance:

  • Go to the Shein website and click on SALE on the top left part of the screen.
  • Select GIFT CARD.
  • Scroll down and input your card number and pin in the space provided.
  • Click on CHECK BALANCE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Use My Shein Gift Card?

You can only use your Shein gift card on the Shein website. Note that Shein gift cards are not redeemable outside of the purchasing zone. In other words, buying a gift card in the United States will only work on the United States website. Gift cards from the other 220 countries Shein ships to will only work in their countries.

Can I Shop On Shein Using Other Gift Cards?

Shein accepts other gift cards for payment. Shein treats Visa and other gift cards with no expiry date and a CVV code as debit cards. To pay with your Visa gift card, use the pay with debit card option as you would with Mastercard.

Does Shein Gift Card Expire?

Shein gift cards expire 120 months after purchase. After this time, your gift car will no longer be valid, and you’ll lose money. When buying a Shein gift card, keep the expiration date in mind. Once it exceeds 10 years, your card becomes invalid.

Is The $750 Shein Gift Card Real?

The $750 Shein gift card is not real. Fraudsters use the $750 Shein gift card to trick unsuspecting customers into taking surveys. According to them, you only need to open a link, type in your email address, and receive the card. They won’t reward you for the survey, but they’ll make money off you. Don’t let them. 

What About The Shein Gift Card Generator?

There is no Shein gift card generator. If you come across a site talking about one, ignore it. It’s a scam to get you to take surveys for which you can never get rewards. The only way to get Shein gift cards is to buy them or if someone buys them for you. 

I hope this article has answered all your questions on how to get a Shein gift card. Go ahead and buy one, shop, and save!