How To Check Subway Gift Card Balance

If you’re a regular Subway customer, you’ve got some of those Subway gift cards sitting around your desk. You want to grab lunch at the subway station now, and you can’t remember how much you have left in your Subway gift card. Need guidance on how to check Subway gift card balance?

Go to the subway app or website, navigate to “My Account,” and click on Check Balance. Fill in your gift card number and PIN. If you’re at the subway restaurant, you could ask the cashier to check the balance on your gift card.

Note that you can’t access your Subway gift card balance via the app if you don’t have an account. Not to worry, this article will help you get the most out of your gift card. 

What Can I Do With A Subway Gift Card?

You can use your Subway gift card to purchase products like sandwiches and coffee at any Restaurant in the US and Canada. You can also use the e-gift card to order online through their website or app. The products or service you can buy depends on the value of your gift card. 

Subway cards are available in physical and digital formats and can range in value from $5 to $500, with no associated costs. Unless the law permits, you cannot use the Subway gift card to buy other gift cards or exchange them for cash. 

How To Check Subway Gift Card Balance

If you’re unsure how much money is left on your Subway gift card, use one of these three techniques to find out.

1. Checking Your Subway Gift Card Balance Via Subway Care 

If your Subway gift card is not registered, the easiest way to check the balance is to call Subway Care. To do this:

  • Dial 1-877-697-8222 on your phone. 
  • You’ll call out your name, card number, and PIN. The card number is written on the back of the card.
  • Tell the customer care representative you want to check your card balance, and they’ll tell you the amount.

2. Checking Your Subway Gift Card Balance Via The App Or Website

If your card is registered, checking the balance will be much easier. If you don’t have an account:

  • Go to and create a Subway MyWay Rewards account. Alternatively, download the Subway app and create an account.
  • Go to the “My Account” section on the website or app.
  • Select Check Balance and enter your gift card number and PIN code.

3. Checking Your Balance At A Subway Station

If you’re ready to make a purchase, you can walk into a subway station near you and ask the cashier to check your gift card balance. 

How To Use Your Subway Gift Card 

The only thing most folks do with their Subway gift card is buy food. If you just got a gift card or someone has given you one, here are other ways to use it. 

Sell Your Gift Card

You can sell your Subway gift card to websites specializing in buying and reselling gift cards in exchange for cash. Raise and Gameflip is two such sites.

Merge Multiple Card Balances

If you have multiple Subway gift cards with a few dollars left, you can combine the balances so you have a round figure, not a few cents, that you can’t buy much in each. You’ll transfer the credits from one card to the other. For this to work, you must register the gift cards under the same account.

Swap Your Gift Card For Cash

You cannot swap Subway gift cards for cash, but in certain US states, it is required by state law to provide cash back if the remaining balance is less than $5. Check here to see if your state is eligible. If you don’t want the cashback, you can use all the money in your gift card.

People Also Asked

Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards?

You can buy Subway gift cards from Subway restaurants and approved retail stores. For physical gift cards, walk into a Subway restaurant near you or retail stores like Walmart, Staples, and Target. For e-cards, order on or authorized online retail stores like Amazon or eBay.

How Much Do Subway Gift Cards Cost?

Subway gift cards are available in denominations of $5 to $500. The maximum amount you can load onto each Subway gift card is $500 per time, which means you’ll need to buy multiple cards if you want to load more than that onto one card at once. You’ll need to register the cards in the same account to combine the balances.

Can You Reload Your Subway Gift Card?

If you run out of credit or dollars on your subway gift card, you can reload it so you can continue to enjoy Subway meals. After you’ve activated your card at a Subway location, you can reload it at that location or on the Subway website. The least amount you can add is $5, and the maximum is $500.

Where Is The PIN On A Subway Gift Card?

Every gift card has a PIN and card number. The PIN of your Subway gift card is written on the back. To reveal the PIN, scratch the silver box on the back of your Subway gift card. If it’s an e-gift card, check the email sent to you when you bought the card. The PIN is in the email.

What Happens If I Lose My Subway Gift Card

If you lose your Subway gift card, Subway will replace it only if you registered your card online. Before getting a replacement, you’ll need proof of purchase, like the card number and your PIN. Contact Subway Care at 1-877-697-8222 to request a new card. 

Does The Subway Gift Card Expire?

Subway gift cards have no expiry date. You can use it anytime, and it will remain active until you have used the entire balance. Subway promotional cards, however, have expiry dates written on the front. These are special and distributed on a limited basis.

Now you know how to check Subway gift card balance; you can walk into any Subway restaurant confident that your card can pay for your next Sub-meal.