How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make Per Bits?

Twitch Bits are effectively mini-donations from viewers, and they pay for the privilege of cheering with a custom emote and trigger special audio and visual alerts on the screen. The more Bits used at once, the bigger the animation and sound effect that plays.

First, let’s talk about how bits are priced. Bits are used by viewers to show their appreciation for a streamer’s content. Viewers can buy bits in bulk for prices ranging from $1 to $100.

You can buy 100 Bits for $1.40, 500 for $6.99, 1,500 for $19.99, 5,000 for $64.99 or 10,000 for $104.99. Every time your viewers donate a hundred bits, Twitch makes $0.40 and you get $1.

Although streamers can also earn revenue from subscriptions and ads, those aren’t specific to Twitch Bits.

So, what are the average earnings per Bit for twitch streamers?

Twitch Streamers are compensated at a rate of one cent per Bit. According to the current transitory value, even if a streamer is not a resident of the United States, they will be paid the equivalent in the US Dollar. One US dollar is equal to one hundred bits.

This may sound ridiculous considering the value of one Bit, but looking at the bright side, there is so much to earn as a twitch streamer.  I am sure you are eager to know the amount Twitch streamers can make, right? The following paragraph answers that question.

How Many Bits Does a Twitch Streamer Need to Earn $1?

Twitch Bits are a way to support your favorite streamer by cheering during live streams. The more bits you cheer with, the more money you will contribute to the streamer’s monthly payout.

If you are a Twitch Partner, you will need at least 100 bits cheered on your channel to make $1. The rate is higher for Twitch Turbo subscribers, who get two cents per cheer.

How Many Bits Does a Twitch Streamer Need to Earn $1,000?

Since one hundred bits equal to a dollar, you’d need a hundred thousand bits to make the first one thousand dollars on Twitch. this means that you’ll need at least 100 million views on your channel to make $1 million as a Twitch streamer. This might sound like an impossible task but it is not because many top streamers make six figures every year just by streaming on Twitch.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Make Money on Twitch?

This is a common question asked by aspiring streamers. The answer is different for each person. Some people can make money on Twitch with fewer than 1,000 subscribers, while others need thousands to make it work.

It’s not an easy question to answer because the answer depends on several factors: the quality of your stream, how often you stream, and what kind of content you’re making for your audience.

How Much Money Do Twitch Streamers Make?

Twitch streamers can make anywhere between $250 and $15,000 per year, depending on whether they’re full-time streamers or part-time hobbyists.

Every time a user cheers on their channel, Twitch Partners and Affiliate will receive $0.01. The streamer in question gets $1 for every 100 bits, $5 for every 500, and so on. Twitch gets $0.40 for every 100 bits sold, while the stream in question gets $1.

The amount of money a Twitch streamer makes depends on several factors, including their audience size and their ability to monetize their following through sponsorships and donations from fans (more on that later).

We now have reasonably accurate information on the incomes of the most prominent Twitch streamers, according to the October 2021 Twitch Leak.

Without taking into account the value of brand sponsorships, we know:

  • Subscriptions bit donations, and ad revenue from Twitch’s top 100 streamers bring in a minimum of $32,850 every month.
  • At least $7,063 each month was earned by the platform’s top 1000 streamers.
  • Streamers in the top 10,000 earn at least $904 every month on the site.
  • The highest-earning DnD channel turned out to be Critical Role, whose monthly subscriptions and Bit donations totaled an astonishing $370,258.

Small Twitch Streamers: How Do They Make Money?

More than two-thirds of smaller Twitch streamers have yet to make a penny from the service. Even among the successful streamers, the vast majority make less than $100 a month.

Twitch’s monthly earnings

Most Twitch streamers make their money via Bits, subscriptions, and advertising. 5-15 percent of a streamer’s total viewers will give them bits and subs (50 percent to -125 percent of their concurrent viewers).

A breakdown of twitch earnings by Bit, subscription, and donation

Twitch subscriptions are the most lucrative of Twitch’s several monetization techniques for smaller streamers. Direct contributions to PayPal and Twitch Bits are the following two most popular income sources. Most streamers don’t have large enough audiences when it comes to making money through sponsorships, affiliate programs, or products.

The first Twitch payment is usually in the $100-$150 range because Twitch has a $100 payout threshold. The first payment usually takes longer to arrive than subsequent ones. When a streamer receives their first payment, they may expect to earn between $100 and $1,000 until they become a Partner. Depending on the quality of their material and the size of their following, Active Partners can expect to make upwards of $500 every month.

It’s essential to keep in mind that while smaller streamers may make less money, the majority do not want to pursue streaming as a career; thus, money isn’t always the driving force behind their decisions. Sixty-four percent of the 5,300 streamers surveyed in our community poll stated that they just wanted to stream as a pastime, not a vocation.

How Do Twitch Payouts Work?

After becoming a Twitch affiliate, many streamers wait months before receiving payment. To receive reimbursement from Twitch, you must have earned at least $100. To cash out their revenue, a streamer would need to accrue 40 total subs before Twitch took a 50% share.

Twitch Partners typically make more money than Affiliates. Many large broadcasters have special deals where the percentage of tier 1 subscriptions they receive is boosted from the standard 50%. Twitch Partners’ traditional splits vary per subscription tier and are as follows:

  • First Tier: 50/50
  • Second Tier: 60/40
  • Third-tier: 70/30

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but in general, those who have achieved Partner rank tend to be more entertaining and attract more viewers. Twitch is more willing to pay its Partners more when they have thriving fan bases.

Twitch Bits versus Twitch Subs

“Tipping,” which is also synonymous with twitch bits, is the practice of donating money at any time and for any amount. One month’s subscription fee is more stable for a streamer than a one-time payment. Even though Twitch Prime subscriptions will expire for some users, many others will continue to subscribe and support a streamer’s career no matter what.

Twitch Bits: A Better Deal Than Subscriptions?

A streamer will make more money on Twitch bits than Subs for every dollar spent by a viewer. For example, a viewer can pay $20 for a four-month subscription to a channel, and half of the revenue will go to the streamer, who will receive $10. You can buy 1500 Bits worth $15 from another viewer for $20, which means the streamer gets a net profit of $15.

However, the more subscriptions a streamer has, the more emote slots they have, making their channel more attractive to new subscribers over time. When a streamer is just getting started, it can be more beneficial to help them grow a following.

Payout Fees for Twitch

A tiny processor fee will be deducted from your payment to reimburse the third party that handles payouts, even though Twitch does not charge any fees. In the future, you’ll have to pay Twitch taxes.

What Percentage of Donations Does Twitch Keep?

Twitch gets 30% of the subscription fee from affiliates. In some cases, high-end Twitch Partners receive 70% of their revenue, but the deal varies amongst streamers.

Funds donated through third-party firms (such as Streamlabs) go entirely to the streamer.

A single bit is always worth one-hundredth of a cent to a streamer. When someone buys 100 Bits for $1.40, Twitch earns 40 cents on the transaction.

How To Set Up Cheers As A Streamer

Cheer is a Twitch-exclusive feature that allows viewers to support their favorite streamers with donations. It’s essentially a virtual tip jar, but there are also some other cool benefits to it.

Streamers need to set up Cheers before they start streaming. This is how you do it:

  • Navigate to Partner Settings in your Twitch dashboard.
  • Enable Cheering with Bits in the Cheer section.
  • The tax form and the Cheering Amendment to the Content Partner Agreement must be signed before you may proceed.
  • You’ll want to change the Bits Threshold Settings and set the Minimum Bits to Cheer above 1.
  • Set the Minimum Bit Emote above 1.
  • If you’d like your audience to feel the love, turn on the Cheer Chat Badge Settings.
  • Make a post on your page to let everyone know that you have changed your mind and now accept Cheers.

How Much Money Do Smaller Twitch Streamers Make?

Accounts make very little money before they acquire Twitch Affiliate status. As a result, they’ll have to rely on a third-party platform like Streamlabs or Patreon to monetize their content. Using Twitch bits and subscriptions means that many viewers are less inclined to donate to a streamer via a third party.

Viewer count is the most common reason a streamer is denied Affiliate status. With few visitors and no direct method to donate, most affiliates have difficulty raising funds. Whales can visit modest streamers, but it is unlikely that you’ll start making money until you become an affiliate.

Is There a Way for You to Get Paid Through Twitch?

Twitch affiliates must agree to the Twitch Affiliate agreement and provide their tax information to get paid. Twitch will pay you in one of the following ways if you meet the $100 threshold:

  • The Automated Clearing House (ACH)  or direct deposit
  • PayPal
  • Check for Wire Transfer

Also, you can hold the payments until you are ready to get them.

To be financially successful on Twitch, what is the minimum number of subscribers you require?

There isn’t a set number of subscribers that will make you successful on Twitch. That said, you need to have a plan for how you’re going to grow your channel and build an audience. How many subscribers do I need? The answer depends on what kind of content you produce and how much time you can invest in growing your channel. If you produce high-quality content that resonates with a niche audience, then you’ll likely see results sooner than if you create low-quality content that appeals to everyone.

As long as you don’t have a magic number of followers, the answer rests on how many concurrent viewers you have. You should expect to get 1-2 subs and a few bits of attention each stream if you have an average of 15-20 viewers. The more subscribers you get, the more money you’ll be able to make on the side.

Do People Generally Donate Bits or Sub to Twitch Channels?

In the early stages of one’s streaming career, bits are more prevalent than subscribers because they are less of a barrier to access. One hundred bits is one of the most common donation amounts for viewers.

Even though many new streamers make 50% of their first earnings from bits, this percentage decreases as the channel grows. ‘This will become your primary source of income once you have a large following and regular viewers who donate their subscriptions.

You can make a living on Twitch if you put in the time, effort, and proper branding. You don’t just switch on your computer and push the “Go Live” button to go live. It would help if you came up with new strategies to attract new customers and collaborate with sponsors to build your audience. So the watchword for becoming successful on Twitch is: Be creative to be able to attract customers and sponsors!