How To Avoid Being Blocked On Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great way to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with your friends, family, and even strangers! But it can be challenging to manage when you’re an internet marketer. There are millions of groups to choose from, and sometimes they don’t play nice if you try to post too many links, they could block you.

Facebook is currently restricting users from posting to groups to prevent spam and abuse. The decision to limit users from posting to groups may be partly due to the increased popularity of group posts on the platform.

Last year, some users began sharing links to fake news stories. In response, Facebook has been working on ways better to combat fake news and other forms of spam.

In this article, I will show you exactly how to avoid getting blocked from posting in Facebook groups.

Why Is Facebook Blocking Me From Posting In Groups?

Facebook has its own rules, and breaking them could get you a ban. In some cases, you get blocked from posting in Facebook groups where you belong. If you’re trying to post in a Facebook group, and you can’t, your account has been blocked from posting to groups.

This can happen if you’ve violated Facebook’s policies or if someone reported your posts as abusive or offensive. If this happens to you, you should first check your own posts to see if there’s anything on them that violates the terms of service. If not, then it may be time to contact Facebook customer support for help.

Facebook jail means you may not be able to like, comment, share posts, or post on Facebook groups. Depending on the severity of your offense, your account might get disabled. Your account will first be restricted for a couple of hours or weeks. This is the temporary blocking, and it lasts for 21 days maximum. Upon further violation, Facebook deactivates your account permanently. This is the permanent blocking.

Here are common offenses that could get you blocked on a Facebook group:

  • Sharing spam links
  • Using spam images and videos
  • Impersonating or using a fake Facebook account
  • Posting copyrighted or restricted content
  • Posting too often in a group
  • Inviting too many people to a group in a single day
  • Breaching group terms and conditions
  • Joining several groups in a day
  • Using auto-post apps

How Long Does Facebook Block You From Posting In Groups?

The temporary Facebook blocking lasts a maximum of 21 days.

How Do I Post To A Group On Facebook Without Being Blocked?

Avoid spam content if you don’t want to get blocked from posting on Facebook groups. You just have to follow the rules and make sure that you don’t break them. If you do, then your post may be deleted, or even worse, you could find yourself kicked out of the group. You already know what could get you blocked from posting; the trick is to avoid those practices.

Don’t Share Spam Links

Facebook is fighting spam content in their online communities. Posting spam links could get your account restricted or blocked. Links from certain websites are considered spam links on Facebook so before you share any link, refer to the Facebook support center to check it’s not listed as spam.

Don’t Post Spam Videos And Images

Certain images and videos are considered spam content. Don’t share or post spam media content in a Facebook group to avoid a Facebook ban.

Don’t Impersonate

Impersonation or creating a fake account on Facebook is against their policy. Once someone reports the account to Facebook for impersonation, it’ll be blocked.

Don’t Share Copyrighted Content

Facebook is against posting copyrighted or restricted content, such as adult content. Violating this rule will get your account blocked.

Create Posts At Time Intervals

Posting content frequently on Facebook is a red flag to the spam detector. If you are a digital marketer or influencer, you should regulate your posts. If you create 20 posts per day, I’d suggest you do so at 30 minutes intervals.

Don’t Send Too Many Group Invites In A Day

When trying to grow a Facebook group, resist the urge to send out an excessive number of group invites for a day. It’ll get your account restricted.

Abide By Facebook’s Group Terms And Conditions

Every Facebook group has its own rules, which you must comply with. If you violate the group rules and the administrator reports your account, you will get blocked from posting in that group.

Don’t Join Many Groups In One Day

Facebook recommended groups to us depending on our interests. If you browse through the “discover” area on the app, you’ll see a lot of groups you like. Don’t join all of them in a single day. You’ll get your account restricted.

Be Careful With Auto-Post Apps

Creating content for different groups can be overwhelming. Some content creators resort to auto-post apps for creating content. Posting frequently to different groups marks your account for spam. If you’re using auto-post apps, try and make the process natural. Maintain a reasonable time interval between posts.

How Can I Bypass The Post Block On Facebook?

There are many reasons you might want to bypass Facebook’s block on posts. Maybe your job requires you to share a lot of content in different groups on Facebook, and Facebook has blocked your account. Whatever the case may be, there are ways you can get by if your account has been blocked.

Use A Vpn

Using a VPN will bypass any blocks that Facebook has put in place on your account. When you connect through the VPN, it will mask your IP address from Facebook and make them think that you’re connecting from somewhere else in the world. This can also help with online privacy, as well as keeping your identity hidden from hackers and cybercriminals who might want to steal or harm you for some reason.

Use A Proxy Server

A proxy website will hide your IP address, thereby granting you access to your blocked Facebook account. Using a proxy server is not easy because it requires some technical knowledge.

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet resources you want to access. It hides your IP address and provides an alternate IP address for all your connections on the internet. This way, it helps you to browse anonymously on the internet by hiding your real IP address.

 Proxies aren’t always as secure as they appear. Hackers can use them to steal information, including passwords and credit card numbers. Proxies also slow down Internet browsing speed due to the extra steps involved in getting content from one place to another.

How Long Does A Facebook Block Last?

A temporary facebook block lasts between 24 hours and 21 days.

How Many Facebook Groups Can I Post Per Day?

Begin by posting on 2 or 3 Facebook groups daily. Increase it to 5 groups per day within a week or a couple of days. I’d recommend you don’t post on more than 50 groups in a day. Facebook is very strict on shared content; posting on too many groups could restrict your account.

How Do I Post To More Than One Group On Facebook?

To post content on numerous Facebook groups, you can use an auto-post app. Posting manually is time-consuming and exhausting. Auto-post apps allow you to post content on different groups at intervals. One such app is Hootsuite.

How Can I Get Unblocked From A Facebook Group?

If the administrators of a group have blocked you, you can only get back in the group by joining with a different account. You can create a new Facebook account and join the group. If it’s a private group, you can ask one of the group members who’s your mutual friend on Facebook to put in a good word with the admins to unblock you.

Here’s what you need to do to get unblocked in the group:

  • Apologize for breaking the rules
  • Follow the rules
  • Contact an administrator or moderator

How Can I Remove Facebook Post Block In 30 Days?

Facebook restricted your account for 30 days because you violated their community rules. You cannot remove the block on your account. After 30 days, Facebook will automatically remove the ban, after which you can use all the features you were restricted from.

There are really only a few things you need to do in order to avoid being blocked. First of all, don’t post links. Do not be overly promotional in your posts. If you’ve got a recommendation from the group and want to put it up for sale on eBay or something like that, maybe post a picture and then say why you recommend it.

Most importantly, take the time to read the rules of a group before you join and make sure that you’re following them. Also, try to figure out why certain posts were blocked to avoid doing the same thing and getting blocked.

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