How To Make Money From An Email List: Beginners Guide

Email lists are a great way to build a community of customers and supporters. The more subscribers on your list, the more influence you’ll have in the world of online marketing and your industry in particular. If you are wondering how to make money from an email list, here is your answer.

You can make money from an email list by offering a tripwire to your email subscribers. Another way you can make money is through affiliate marketing, and product promotion. It is essential to start building your email list as early as possible so that you can grow it over time.

In this post, I will go over several ways and means you can grow and monetize your email list so that you can make money from it and keep people coming back for more on your website or business offering.

What Is An Email List?

An email list, simply put, is a group of people who have opted in to receive emails from you or your business concern. For example, if you’re selling eCommerce goods and have an email list full of customers, it’s a great way to let them know about new products or deals.

You can use your email list to promote anything from events to blog posts and social media announcements. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for bloggers and small business owners, including many large corporations, to push out information about their business.

Because email lists can be so personal, you’re trusting people with your content, and they feel special knowing that they were chosen out of all the other options available online as someone who would benefit from what you have to offer and say.

9 Ways On How To Make Money From An Email List

There are several ways of making money from your email list. Some of them are listed below:

  • Offer a tripwire to your email subscribers
  • Use affiliate marketing and promote affiliate products
  • Seek email sponsorships
  • Sell a webinar to your email list
  • Upsell and cross-sell products to your email subscribers
  • Sell ads in your email newsletter
  • Create a Paid Newsletter
  • Partner with Other Bloggers with Products
  • Promote Cost Per Click Offers

1. Offer A Tripwire To Your Email Subscribers

A tripwire is a low-cost product or service that you offer for free to your email subscribers. It’s a great way to get new subscribers and convert them into paying customers. A tripwire also builds trust and credibility and increases the value of your offer by demonstrating your expertise through an actionable proposal.

For example: If you were selling an online course on how to make money from online businesses, an email sequence in the form of “7 Days To A Profitable Online Business” would be an excellent option for building trust with potential buyers. After all, if someone signs up for this free information, they are interested in what you have to say about starting their own business and making money online.

If you offer to sell dog walking services through Rover or Wag (two famous Dog Walking/Pet Sitting platforms), sending out discount codes via email as part of your automated drip campaign would be beneficial because your audience can directly apply these discounts when they book their next walk.

2. Use Affiliate Marketing And Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start earning from your email list. In affiliate marketing, you promote someone else’s product (or service), and if it gets sold because of your promotion, you receive a small commission for that sale.

Let’s say you’re promoting a book on Amazon. You can use an affiliate link in your email newsletters to point people towards the book on Amazon with your affiliate code attached as a bonus when they purchase. This means that if someone buys the book through your link, you will receive some money off the back end after they’ve made their purchase.

3. Seek Email Sponsorships

If you want to leverage your email list to make money, sponsorships are your best bet. In general, these are when other companies pay money to you in exchange for the promotion of their goods and services to your email list. It’s a win-win situation: they get exposure, and you get paid!

Sponsorships can help build your list, brand, and authority. You should also ensure that whatever products or services you’re promoting are actually good quality (you don’t want to end up with many people complaining about their experience).

The trick here is finding the right sponsor for yourself. Therefore you need to spend time researching potential candidates before making any agreements.

4. Sell A Webinar To Your Email List

Webinars are another great way to make money from your email list. A webinar is a seminar conducted over the internet, so it’s a great way to communicate with people who may not be able to attend an event in person.

Your audience could be anywhere in the world, but they aren’t limited to those near you or reading your blog regularly. You can capture more eyeballs by promoting through social media channels and other blogs. You can send out invites for paid webinars to your email list contacts.

5. Upsell and Cross-Sell Products to Your Email Subscribers

When promoting a product to your audience, offer them another product related to the one you are promoting.

For example, if you are selling a course about creating a website for your business and increasing traffic, offer your email list contacts another course on improving their search engine rankings by writing better content and improving their backlinks.

Offer a complementary product or service that can be used in conjunction with the item being promoted. For example, You’re selling an online course on growing tomatoes but don’t have any gardening products in your store yet. Add links within the email copy or at the bottom of emails where people can purchase items like tomato cages and seeds when they start their new hobby.

Upgrade/Downsell (Upgrade) + Remind Them About Past Purchases. This is one of my favorite techniques because it shows me exactly what kind of information my subscribers want from me. It also helps me understand where I might be able to find additional opportunities for upgrades or cross-selling products later down the road.

6. Sell Ads In Your Email Newsletter

You can also sell ads in your email newsletter by selling your products. This is a great way to promote something you’re working on, whether an online course or a physical product. You can also use this as an opportunity to sell another service, like coaching or consulting.

Another way you can make money through this method is by selling other people’s products. If there are companies you trust and want to recommend, this is the spot for them.

Just ensure those products align with what you have been saying in previous emails so you don’t confuse readers with conflicting messages about what they should be doing next (or at all).

You can advertise affiliate products. If there are certain brands whose work resonates with yours and whose audience overlaps with yours, then team up with them by becoming an affiliate marketer for them.

You can then share links throughout your newsletter that take visitors directly to where they need to go on their website while earning money from each sale they make.

7. Create a Paid Newsletter

You can make money by creating paid newsletters and sending them to your email list. To achieve this, you need a strong call to action. A call-to-action is any message that tells your prospects how they can take action, such as “Click here” or “Order today.” A good offer will give them something of value for free in exchange for their name and email address.

Your newsletter could be a free report, video training series, or even a consultation with you over the phone (if you are an expert in your field). It is important to have a strong value proposition as to why this product is valuable enough that people should give up their email addresses just to get it.

Finally, ensure there’s some sort of guarantee that makes your email prospects feel safe taking action and signing up.

8. Partner With Other Bloggers With Products

While you shouldn’t expect to make money from a free email list by just having the list, some ways can help grow your audience and put you on the path toward monetization of your email list.

You can partner with other bloggers who have products by offering a giveaway or discount code for their product in exchange for sharing your post on their social media profiles.

You can also write guest posts on quality blogs or websites in your industry, which will help drive traffic back to your website (and keep it there). If you have a great relationship with another blogger or business owner, they might also be willing to feature one of your posts on their site.

This is called cross-promotion, and it’s an excellent way to build awareness about both parties involved.

9. Promote Cost Per Click Offers

Cost Per Click(CPC) offers are like advertisements that you get paid per click. For example, let’s say a company wants to promote its product and they have $500 to spend on ads. They could buy an ad on Facebook or pay a publisher like you to send them traffic.

They would pay you $10 each time someone clicks their link through at least two email messages from your newsletter, which converts into more money depending on how many of your email list contacts click the links.

This is one of the most common ways to make money from an email list. However, you need to have an understanding of how it works. You need to know how to convert leads into sales for the advertiser who hired you.

How To Get People To Subscribe To Your Email List

If you are building an email list, getting people to join your list and subscribe to your services, or newsletter can be very tricky. Here are ways you can attract high-value contacts to your email list.

1. Write highly Engaging Content that Builds Relationships with Subscribers

The best way to get people to read your emails is to offer relevant and useful content. This is not as easy as it sounds: if you’re sending out an email weekly, you need to give subscribers something worth reading.

To do that, use personalization, images, video, and humor in your emails. Make sure they feel like they’re having a conversation with you instead of just reading something from you.

When writing such emails, use the first person (I) where appropriate. Stick with the second person (you). It’s okay if there are times when it feels awkward; just keep going until it feels natural. You’ll be able to tell when this happens because readers will start responding positively in their replies or by opening other messages from you later on down the road.

2. Have a Strong Call to Action at the End of Your Email

Your call to action is what you want the reader to do when they’re done reading your email, and it can be as simple as asking them to click on a link or purchase something from you.

Make sure that every single one of your emails contains a strong call to action (CTA). If there’s no CTA, readers will simply ignore or delete the email if they’re not interested in what you have to say.

3. Make Sure You Are Providing Value

One of the most important things to remember when building an email list is that your subscribers are there because they want something from you. They want to be informed, entertained, or otherwise engaged by your brand, and if they don’t feel like they’re getting anything in return for their attention and loyalty, they’ll unsubscribe and move on.

Why would anyone subscribe if you’re not providing value with every single email blast that goes out from your company? If people don’t see any benefit from receiving these emails from you regularly (or at all), why should they continue to do so?

The bottom line is: if there’s no perceived value in what you have to say or offer, then there’s nothing for people to go back for, again and again, no incentive for them to keep coming back.

Can You Make Money Off An Email List?

Yes, you can make money off an email list by deploying several strategies, including sending affiliate messages, newsletters, etc., that prompt these contacts to make purchases.

How Do I Monetize My Email List?

Several ways of monetizing your email list include creating and sending paid newsletters, consulting, solo ads, display ads, etc.

How Much Can You sell an email list for?

The price of email lists depends on the quality and type of contacts on the email list. Several factors also affect the cost of an email list. Consumer lists cost between $100 to $400 per thousand emails (COM), and a business email list costs between $600 to $1000 per thousand emails (CPM).

Is Selling email Lists Illegal?

It is not illegal to buy or sell email lists. Still, it is illegal to use the email list for aggressive marketing by sending unsolicited emails to individuals who have not agreed to receive such emails.

So, Which do you choose?

I have discussed the various ways how to make money from an email list, and you can explore several of the ways discussed in this post to make the most of monetizing your email list.

There are many different ways to do this, and I have outlined some of them here. Your goal should be to provide value for your subscribers, not just sell stuff at every opportunity.

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