How To Make Money On Quora In 2023

Quora is a free online community and internet knowledge base that connect to expert knowledge and insights from inside and outside your organization. As a Quora writer, you can create content to create an online presence and increase traffic which you can turn into earnings.

Quora functions as a search engine, with users providing most of the information viewed and shared by other users seeking information or opinions on issues. The forum also allows users to create social profiles and knowledge bases on a topic that interests them.

But the big question is can you make money from Quora?

Quora is an excellent platform if you want exposure; your thoughtful and well-researched answers can help you build strong connections. However, you can’t make money by asking or answering Quora questions.

Quora has a few systems in place to financially encourage small content creators. Quora aims to foster knowledge sharing and not pay people to engage or create content.

Quora doesn’t pay out much, at least not enough to live off it. You can make some decent money off them over time. But for most people, Quora will only be an income source if they do something else with their knowledge that’s more lucrative than answering questions online.

Quora Business Ideas: Best Ways To Make Money From Quora

While it is true that most Quora users do not get paid for posting things on the site, there are other ways to make money off the platform. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to make money off the platform, even as a small creator.

Here are some of the best ways to make money from Quora, even as a beginner.

1. Advertise Your Product On Quora

Quora has one of the lowest CPM/CPC display advertising on the internet. It allows you to showcase your products to millions of potential customers at a relatively low price.

Every month, Quora has millions of visitors looking for information on various topics. As such, it’s an excellent platform for promoting your products and services.

This can include questions about products you sell, services you offer, and versions of questions about similar products and services. For example, if you sell products or services on your website, you could answer the questions about your products or services by writing about why your products or services are the best for most people.

Suppose there’s already an answer that mentions your products or services. In that case, you could write another reply with more detailed information about why your coffee maker is better than the one mentioned in the existing answer.

2. Quora Space Subscription Fees

You can charge your visitors a fee if you have an engaging and active Quora space. You pay a monthly fee to own your space on Quora, like owning your website or blog.

A paid subscription is another way of making money on Quora. You will see the subscription option during the process of monetization of your account.

You can set a subscription fee for your space so that people who wish to subscribe to your space on Quora will have to pay your subscription fee to access your space’s complete offerings. Subscription fees will ensure that you get paid for the main contents of your space and not give out such content for free and at no cost whatsoever.

3. Quora Partner Programs

Quora partner program is one of the main ways of making money directly from Quora as a Quora user. Quora Partner program pays you for asking questions on the platform. The Quora team in charge of this chooses its partners, as you cannot decide to opt for it unless you have been selected.

To be eligible to be invited to the Quora Partner Program, you must have up to 100k views on your account.

Quora Partners must post ten questions daily and get paid by the Quora team. Your payment as a Quora partner is based on the ads users or visitors see and view while viewing your content; this means that you can earn more money from the partner program by increasing the number of people who view your content.

Quora Partner Program pays users for writing questions. However, the partner program has some limitations and rules which you must follow when creating and posting your content.

4. Sell A Product/Service On Quora 

Quora doesn’t give many business opportunities, nor does it pay you for services, but you can gain from Quora by promoting your products on the platform.

You can answer a question and include a link for selling your product while asking people to get more information regarding your product, if it is an ebook, for instance, for realtors, to the answer you have given. An essential aspect of Quora is that users see people that answer questions as subject-matter experts.

This is another of the obvious ways of making on Quora. If you sell products or services online, you should be answering questions related to those topics. While this may take some time to build up a reputation and a body of work, the result will be worth it. You will attract potential customers and make huge sales over time if you are good with your marketing strategies. You’ll learn more about your customers along the way.

5. Affiliate Marketing On Quora

This is another way of making money on Quora. It can be achieved using affiliate marketing strategies. Selling other people’s products or services on Quora requires you to affiliate with users by answering questions related to the products or services of the company or individual business you are selling for.

There are a few ways you can find products that are worth promoting. One way is by joining websites and platforms that bring you the seller and merchants. One such website platform is ShareASale, ClickBank, or Amazon, where merchants list their products and pay affiliates to send them traffic.

These websites require you to join as an affiliate first, which is free, but they also need the merchant to join and become approved, which usually costs money for the merchant. Another way to find products worth promoting as an affiliate is by joining Amazon’s Associate program.

This program allows you to promote Amazon products and earn a commission between 4% and 10% of the sale price, depending on the category. Anytime you write a blog post or answer on Quora about a product for sale on Amazon or any other sales platform, you should add a link that points back to the product page.

6. Use Quora As A Traffic Source

Although Quora will not send you as much traffic as Google, Pinterest, or Facebook, it is still a valuable source of traffic and leads for small businesses. To make money on Quora by sending traffic to your website, you need to find a question that gets decent traffic volume with a few good answers.

Then answer questions and channel the traffic generated by your post to your website through your answer to the question. Finding such topics requires you to research topics using keyword research tools like Ahref or SEMrush.

It’s easy to do if you search for content related to your industry. You can also do this by building relationships with influencers and decision-makers to help send traffic and leads your way by pushing ads that eventually show on your website when visitors click on them.

7. Use Quora For Business Branding

Quora is a great way to build your brand by providing relevant answers to questions about your industry. An intelligent way to use Quora as a business owner is to use it for branding purposes. If you are an entrepreneur or an online marketer, you can use Quora to promote your brand and connect with potential customers.

It’s a great way to show the world you’re an expert in your field. You can also answer questions about how to use your products/services, which will help customers get more value from them.

You can quickly build a community on Quora by helping your audience or potential customers understand the happenings in your space. For example, If you have a web hosting company or an affiliate to a web hosting company, you can quickly build a following by comparing prices, products, or features.

8. Launch A Consultancy Service On Quora

Launching a consultancy service could be an option if you have expertise in a particular area or want to learn more about it. It’s not just about providing answers on Quora but also giving valuable advice to people looking for them.

For example, if you are an expert in marketing, you can offer your services to brands and businesses that want to increase their customer base or improve their marketing strategies.

You can get started by simply creating a profile on Quora and answering all kinds of questions people post so they can recognize your expertise. Once they see that you have experience in their specific field, they will approach you for consultation services.

People who need your help will contact you directly or visit your website for further assistance. To use this to get your consultancy services started, you can follow these steps

9. Writing Reviews For Products and Services

You can easily make money on Quora by writing reviews for products and services. You must ensure that your thoughts are honest and helpful to potential customers. This way, people will trust you and be more than willing to pay for your services.

You can also share your experience using a product or service, so people will know whether it is worth investing in. You can write reviews on anything from books to movies to software programs.

You can monetize your content by adding affiliate links or acting as an influencer for brands that will pay you money for your content. Reviews for these sites can earn additional income from your favorite hobbies and interests.

10. Make Money Selling Quora Spaces

Quora is an excellent tool for generating leads, building brand awareness, and promoting products; you can easily make $3,000 every month selling Quora spaces.

This will be a win-win situation for both parties as the seller gets money, and the buyer receives more visibility for their business and brand. Companies and brands will take up your space and monopolize the traffic and audience you’ve built over time.

Quora Spaces is a feature on the platform that lets you create a custom space for your topic of interest.

You can invite people to join your community, share relevant content and discuss topics related to your industry or field. You can also charge money for membership at your Quora Space or offer premium features for paid subscribers only. You can quickly sell your spaces for money if you know how to work around the Quora algorithm.

11. Using Quora For Surveys

Quora is an ideal place to conduct surveys because it has a high level of engagement among users. Promoting surveys on Quora is one of the easiest ways to make money on the platform.

As a business owner, you can create surveys targeting specific audiences and ask them questions about their interests to get more leads or sales. You can use this strategy if you have an eCommerce business or any other business that relies on leads or sales.

In addition, you can target specific audiences based on their interests and demographics, which means that your survey results will be more accurate and relevant than those from other platforms like TikTok or Twitter.

You can create a survey with multiple-choice or open-ended questions and then publish it on your profile page or any other page on the site where users can view it. The feedback from your audience can help you better understand why they aren’t taking specific actions so you can improve your business or product offerings.

What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money From Quora?

Freelance writing is the best side hustle you can start on Quora. Quora allows you to share your knowledge with others, which makes it an excellent place for freelancers. It is a great platform for freelancers to get work. Many businesses and individuals hire freelancers to answer questions on the forum. This can be done by answering questions or by writing articles.

Can I Earn Money From Quora?

Yes, you can make money from Quora directly through the platforms Quora partner program. As discussed above, you can also indirectly earn money from Quora through other means. You can make money on Quora by selling your products, third-party products, written articles, etc.

Does Quora Pay For Asking Questions?

Contrary to popular belief, Quora does not pay for questions. They merely share revenue from the ad impressions on the answer pages resulting from the questions asked.

How Do I Get Monetized On Quora?

Quora answer monetization by the Quora+ program is currently by invitation. If you see a monetization option in your notifications or menu, click on that. Quora Spaces can be monetized through Quora+, the Space earnings program, and by subscription.

Quora is an exciting platform that could help you land money-making opportunities. But only if you know how to use it and are dedicated enough to give it a shot.

So, try Quora out, and leave your fears at the door. As outlined in this article, you might make a decent amount of money at the end of implementing these ways of making money on Quora.