How To Get Paid To Watch Videos In 2023

If you are one of the many people who love spending hours online watching videos, you have been burning your time and data solely for the pleasure of watching those videos. What if you could trade this time for money? The good news is you could get paid to watch videos online with just a few hours of your time.

There are many ways to get paid to watch videos online. Websites like Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, MyPoints, PrizeRebel, FusionCash, and many more will deliver you from some cents to a few dollars for each video you watch. And what’s more, signing up on most of these sites typically takes just a few minutes of your time.

If you are an online video freak or just looking for how to get some passive cash on the side for watching videos online, then keep reading this post. Additionally, you want to note that getting paid to watch videos online will not make you rich, but there’s no harm in making passive money from something you would otherwise do for free. We’ll be sharing the best websites for this here.

What Are The Best Websites For Getting Paid To Watch Videos?

Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Mypoints, FusionCash, and Vindale Research are some of the best websites you can visit to get paid for watching videos online. Most of these sites will take just minutes of your time to contact you signed up, and ready to begin earning on them. They also have a consistent stream of videos available for you to watch and get paid.

Besides these few examples, there are other websites you can visit to get paid to watch videos. Here are the ten best websites for this and how to get paid to watch videos on them.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a reputable website that rewards you when you complete easy-to-do tasks. Over 20 of these easy tasks are available on Swagbucks – watching videos inclusive.

Swagbucks pays you in Swagbucks Points, known as SBs, for every video you watch. When you convert this to cash, it amounts to about 1 cent for each SB. You could earn anywhere from $1 to $5 daily if you’re consistent.

Before making money from watching videos on Swagbucks, you have to signup. Signing up on Swagbucks is free and easy. To sign up, visit the Swagbucks website, fill in your email, or use the Facebook account option and choose your password.

Swagbucks gives a signup bonus of $10 when you signup with them. However, you can only access it after you have made a purchase worth $25 at a store via the Swagbucks shop.

To begin watching videos and earning, choose from any of the ten available video categories in Swagbucks Watch. After selecting a class, you will find video collections that contain at least 15 videos each and, at most, 30 videos.

On each of these video playlists, you will find the length of the collection and the amount of SBs you’ll earn for completing them. You can redeem your earnings with gift cards or PayPal cash.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a website where you can earn money by taking surveys, reading promotional emails, redeeming cashback offers, printing coupons, watching videos, etc. Besides being a web app, InboxDollars is also available as an app in versions compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

InboxDollars pays you when you watch television shows, cooking commercials, movie previews, etc. Instead of rewarding you in points, InboxDollars pays in cash when you complete tasks.

To make money on InboxDollars, sign up via their website or download their apps on Google Playstore or the Apple store. You will receive a $5 bonus for signing up and activating your account.

After signing up, choose from any available video categories on InboxDollars. Typically each video collection you will find contains 6 to 9 videos of varying lengths. Select a video from any of the available playlists.

After doing this, you will notice two open tabs, one with the video and the other with a countdown timer. You can always move to the next video whenever the timer hits zero.

However, you want to note that you can only get paid for watching videos when you scan using your desktop browser and not their apps. And you can only withdraw your earnings when you hit the minimum threshold of $30.

3. MyPoints

MyPoints is a website that allows you to earn money from completing simple tasks like surveys, playing games, printing coupons, making cash back for shopping online, and watching videos.

You can make money on MyPoints when you watch and rate videos. Several video categories are available for you to choose from, including sports, entertainment, world news, or finance.

To begin making money on MyPoints, visit their website and signup. You can earn a signup bonus of $10 when you purchase things worth up to $20 via the MyPoints shopping Portal.

After signing up, click on the videos tab and select the category of videos you want to watch. In general, all sorts contain video collections that have about 6 to 9 videos per collection.

After choosing a category, You will need to ensure you activate popups to enable the process to run successfully. A new page will appear with a prompt for you to “discover content,” click on it. At this point, the popup pages will route you to where you will find the videos you are to watch.

In addition, a timer will be counting down on the original page at the same time. You can rate a video with a thumb up or down when the timer counts until it stops. After this, you can move on to the following video.      

MyPoints pay anywhere from 2 to 3 points for every video you complete watching. You can redeem the points you earn either as gift cards, travel points, or PayPal cash.

4. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel allows you to make money from watching videos and completing other tasks on their website. You earn PrizeRebel points when you watch videos. Each point amounts to about $0.01.

To signup, visit their website, fill out the registration form with your required details, and submit and verify your email. After signing in, you can begin watching videos to get paid in PrizeRebel points. You can redeem your earnings for PayPal money or gift cards.

The minimum payout amount is $5 if you are redeeming your points for PayPal money. However, if you are redeeming them for a gift card, you can do so when you’ve earned up to $2. You should also note that it takes PrizeRebel about 24 hours to process and send your earnings to you after you have requested withdrawal. 

5. Nielsen

Nielsen is a company that measures market data and information. Nielsen provides ratings on videos based on viewership and allows you to make money from watching videos of your choice online.

Unlike other websites, Nielsen allows you to choose whatever you want to watch and pays you for watching. Whether it is your favorite TV series, YouTube, the news, Netflix, etc., there are no particular requirements for what you should watch.

Signing up is easy and takes just minutes of your time. To get started, visit search for the Nielsen app on the Google play store or Apple app store, install their app, fill out your username, create a password, and proceed to fill out your personal information.

Nielsen pays out a bonus of $50 annually when you sign up with them. You can also participate in their monthly $10,000 giveaways and periodic sweepstakes.

However, you must note that Nielsen can access your anonymized internet data. This means they’ll see all the URLs you visited, how long you spent on those sites, and your overall mobile and PC activity. This data does not include personal information like your IP address, etc.

6. FusionCash

FusionCash allows you to earn money from taking surveys, cash back shopping, and watching videos.

To get started on FusionCash, visit their website and sign up. FusionCash will reward you with a $10 signup bonus for joining. Sign in and scroll to the videos tab. You will find a list of videos, their duration, and how much FusionCash will pay you for watching them. You get paid when you watch videos to the end. 

Furthermore, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Check. However, you can only withdraw your funds after making up to the minimum threshold of $25. You should withdraw your earnings within 180 days after being credited to avoid losing them.

7. Earnably

Earnably is an ad revenue-sharing website that allows you to make money by completing easy-to-do tasks like taking surveys and watching videos. Earnably pays you for watching videos via their Ascend Media Partnership.

Signing up on Earnably is straightforward. To get started, visit the Earnably website, sign up, and fill out your email address, username, mobile number, and password. Agree to the terms and conditions, submit and go to your email to receive their verification email. 

You can begin making money from watching videos by scrolling to the offerwall section and clicking on Ascend Media. Doing this will redirect you to the AscendMedia webpage. Click on videos. You can choose which video you want to watch from the list of videos.

HideoutTv videos are prevalent here, so you will most likely be redirected to the HideoutTv page. Register, log in, and start watching videos to earn points.

Moreover, you can redeem the point you earn by clicking on rewards, then clicking redeem. You will find a prompt asking you to “start to redeem process.” Click on it, then select your Earnably account as your linked account. You can then redeem your balance. Doing this will transfer your earnings to your Earnably account, which you can withdraw as PayPal Cash or Gift cards.

8. InstaGC

InstaGC is an offer aggregating website with over ten third-party websites you can earn from. On average, you can earn up to 5 cents hourly by watching videos on InstaGc. You earn instaGC points when you watch videos. When converted, an instaGC point amounts to about 1 cent.

To begin on instaGC, visit and signup on their website. InstaGC allows you to watch videos on third-party websites like You will need to create a account. You can earn passively from watching videos on instaGC since you can allow videos to run in the background of your computer system.

However, you want to use the Chrome browser and disable any ad blockers or plugins to enable the website to perform optimally. Additionally, the number of videos you can watch is limited since the videos in their repository run out from time to time.

Moreover, as a new member, you can withdraw your earnings as gift cards, direct deposits, or prepaid Visa gift cards. However, you can also redeem your points as PayPal money or Bitcoin. But this is only possible after you have redeemed up to $50 in rewards. 

9. iRazoo

iRazoo allows you to earn points for watching videos online. iRazoo pays you for completing video offers according to their instructions. Typically recommendations carry instructions and specify the number of videos you should watch.

When watching videos on iRazoo, you want to pay close attention to the instructions attached to an offer. Some offers require that you watch a video until the timer counts down, while others need you to watch the videos completely.

Moreover, it would help if you stayed consistent and active in switching videos when completing video offers that come with the countdown timer. But, for video offers where you are required to watch the full video, you must be on the screen while the video runs.

The videos you will come across on iRazoo fall into the following categories, food and beverage ads, viral videos, new movie trailers, short “how-to” videos, etc.

On average, you will earn between 0.08 to 1 point for each video, this way, completing an offer can get you anywhere from 8 to 10 points.

The minimum amount you need to make before a withdrawal is 3000 points for a gift card worth $5 and 12,000 points for PayPal money. However, you want to note that you may have to wait up to 105 days to get your first PayPal payment.

10. Adwallet

AdWallet allows you to earn money for watching ads. The AdWallet platform is very straightforward and pays 50 cents for every 30-second ad you protect and provide feedback on

Although AdWallet’s pay rate is impressive, on average, offers will most likely be available to you once or twice weekly. Besides, the number of videos available depends on your household and demographics.

Furthermore, you want to note that AdWallet doesn’t have an Android or iOS application. You will be required to provide your cell phone number, to which they will send text messages when offers are available for you.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. You can withdraw by direct bank deposit to your account or choose from over 200 gift cards.

What Are The Best Apps That Pay For Watching Videos?

Apps like Swagbucks, FusionCash, Mypoints, AdWallet, Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, Idle Empire, ClipClaps, Earnably, CashCrate, App Trailers, etc. are some examples of the best paying apps you can download to get paid for watching videos.

Most of these apps are generally available for Android and iOS devices. Some are available as both mobile apps and web applications. You will typically need to spend just a few minutes signing up on these apps. However, completing tasks and getting paid usually take more time.

Can I Earn Money By Just Watching Videos?

Yes, you can earn money from several sites and apps for just watching videos. Nielsen Computer and mobile panel and Earnably are good examples of such places to earn money just for watching videos. However, you want to note that what you will typically earn from these places will not be substantial enough to constitute a means of livelihood.  

Can I Earn Money By Watching Youtube Videos?

Yes, You can earn money by watching YouTube videos. Websites like Nielsen Computer and mobile panel allow you to earn money for watching anything online. However, it typically takes much time to make substantial money from watching Youtube videos.

How Much Money Can I Make Money Watching Videos Online?

Watching videos online is a great way to earn money. You can make up to $15 per hour, which is more than the minimum wage in many countries. You can watch ads on YouTube, Hulu, or any other video streaming website. The ads will play at the bottom of your screen as you watch videos. You can also make money by taking surveys or completing small tasks for various companies.

Watching videos online is a great way to earn money. You can make up to $15 per hour, which is more than the minimum wage in many countries. You can watch ads on YouTube, Hulu, or any other video streaming website. The ads will play at the bottom of your screen as you watch videos. You can also make money by taking surveys or completing small tasks for various companies.

If you love watching videos online, then you can consider making passive money on the side. While watching videos on any of these websites will not make you rich, it is a great way to make income on the side from doing what you would otherwise do for free.