20 Online Business Ideas For Students in Nigeria

Being a student in Nigeria can be exhausting and expensive, especially if you attend a private university. The daily expenses of school materials and upkeep can quickly run into five digits.

If you are a student in this predicament, do not worry, as your troubles will end. I will show you the businesses you can do online and still have time to attend your school, lectures, and expenses. I would also discuss some benefits of running Online companies as a student in Nigeria and the costs of the various businesses that you can venture into. 

Online businesses have become one of the most lucrative ways to make money at your own pace. This is especially so in Nigeria, where internet and mobile penetration are among the highest in sub-Saharan Africa. Starting an online business as a student presents an excellent opportunity to make money while you study or even without over-relying on your parents.

Online Businesses For Students In Nigeria

An online business is a type of business that operates on the internet. Online companies, also known as e-commerce businesses or e-businesses, use the internet to generate income through various methods such as advertising, selling products and services, or providing information about products and services.

There are many ways in which you can start your own online business. It all depends on your skills and knowledge of how to run a successful online-based business. If you know how to build websites or have a talent for creating graphics, it might be worthwhile to consider starting your own website design firm where people will pay you to build custom websites. There are several other businesses you can run online as a Nigerian student. 

You can enter many businesses as a student in Nigeria, so deciding which to go for can be a very daunting task. I will help you to determine by discussing the top 20 online businesses you can venture into as a student in Nigeria. Here’s a highlight of some of the very best online business ideas for students:

  • Blogging
  • Graphics Design
  • Web Design
  • Sell Academic Contents Online
  • Tutoring
  • Drop Shipping
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Vlogging
  • Programming
  • Mini Importation
  • P2P Trading of Cryptocurrencies
  • Buying and Selling on eBay
  • Selling of Art Works
  • Social Media Influencing
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Social Media Management Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Sell Online Courses and Ebooks
  • Freelance Content Writing

1. Niche Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way for students to start an online business because it allows them to grow their brand and build their online presence. The best way to do this is by creating a blog that talks about relevant things to the student’s schoolwork and helps establish them as experts in a particular field.

If, as a student, you want to launch a career in digital marketing, you could create a blog where you discuss the latest updates on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram. This can be especially valuable if you have access to exclusive information about new products being released by these companies. 

2. Graphics Design

Graphics design is a field that is snowballing and one in that you can make good money. Graphics designers are needed everywhere, from print to the web or television.

This could be an excellent business idea if you have the right skills and knowledge. Graphics Designers use software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create logos, websites, posters, etc. You will need to know how to use these programs because this makes your work unique from others who do not know how to use them properly.

3. Web Design

Web design is a broad term that encompasses many different disciplines. Web designers usually are visual artists who know how to use HTML and CSS, the two languages of the web, to create beautiful and functional websites. 

If you have the skills, web designing is another online business you can venture into as a Nigerian student. With this, you can receive several types of web design jobs and gigs from people worldwide, deliver their website development and design jobs, and earn good pay. You can take free online courses if you have no prior knowledge of web design or development.

4. Sell Academic Contents Online

Selling academic content online is one of the most popular businesses students can start. You will not believe how many students sell their notes, assignments, and tutorials online. You can also choose to offer ebooks, videos, and webinars.

This business is very lucrative because it involves publishing content essential for a business or person’s success. Many people always look for such materials to help them succeed in life. If you have good writing skills and want to make money from your passion, this type of business would be perfect for you. 

5. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great way to make money. You can become an online tutor and teach students in any area you know well and enjoy. If you’re good at teaching, this could be an excellent opportunity to make some serious money. Some things make it easier to succeed as an online tutor; they include:

You must be able to communicate with the student via text chat or video chat. This is especially important if your student does not speak English because then communication would be difficult without written translations in both languages.

You need to understand your student’s needs so that your lessons will be relevant and helpful for them.

6. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a popular business model where you don’t have to hold any inventory. You only need to source the products and sell them in your store. This is unlike traditional eCommerce, where you are required to buy the products upfront before selling them online. This business model has several advantages over conventional eCommerce, including low capital requirement and scalability (you can start small but grow big). It also helps you generate more profit since no storage costs are involved.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online. If you have a website or social media profile, then affiliate marketing can be a good source of income. You don’t need any special skills or resources to start an affiliate marketing business. All you need is some website traffic and content that appeals to your audience.

With affiliate marketing, you can earn money by promoting other companies’ products or services, which pays you for each sale made through your referral link (affiliate link).

8. Vlogging

Vlogging is a new and exciting way to make money in your spare time. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it could be one of the most rewarding ways to earn extra cash as a student. Vlogging is a fancy word for creating videos on YouTube or other sites that allow you to monetize them with ads.

By doing this (and putting yourself out there), you can build an audience and make money from advertisements running alongside your videos or through sponsorships or brand deals that pay per view or engagement, such as views, comments, etc. 

You can also sell merchandise on big marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or RedBubble.

When starting a business as a Vlogger, the most important thing is suitable equipment to create quality content that viewers want to watch repeatedly. This means having adequate lighting, sound quality/microphone setup, etc., whether these items are purchased separately or come bundled together in a one-package deal. 

9. Programming

Programming is the process of writing and executing a set of instructions to perform a specific task. It involves creating a program, an application, or an operating system, that allows users to perform some study. Programming languages include C++, Java, and Python, among others. 

You need good problem-solving and sound communication skills to grow as a programmer. It would be best if you had clear ideas about what you want your program to do and how it should do it for it to work correctly and be able to explain this clearly when working with other programmers on the project. 

There are various types of programming, from web development using HTML5 or JavaScript (JS) to software engineering, which involves developing software for commercial purposes. You should choose the one that is comfortable for you and become as good as possible.

10. Mini Importation

Mini importation business is a good business for a student to go into, it is the trading of goods from different countries. The most common places from which these goods are imported include; China and India, where you can buy products at a fraction of what they cost here in Nigeria and cheaper than those produced in the United States.

Imported products have always been trendy among Nigerians because they provide affordable alternatives to things that would otherwise be too expensive to purchase locally. If you think this business idea is right for you, here are some tips:

  • Find suppliers who will ship your goods directly to Nigeria or wherever else you want them delivered. 
  • It is best if they can drop it off at your door so that there aren’t any problems with customs fees or delays along the way.
  • Contact customers directly through social media platforms like Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups so that when shipments come in from overseas, people know about them quickly enough, so they don’t miss out on buying something before someone else does. 

The mini importation business is one of the most lucrative businesses that you can start as a student. All you need is a little capital and the correct information to go about it.

11. P2P Trading of Cryptocurrencies

Many people are getting into the cryptocurrency business and earning huge money. If you are a student and have some free time, this is the ideal opportunity for you to make some extra cash. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are mostly decentralized and use cryptography to secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by a single entity most of the time, like a central bank, but are governed by a peer-to-peer network.

Nowadays, there is no shortage of cryptocurrencies available in the market. You can even trade your cryptocurrency with others through P2P platforms like Binance, OKEx, Kucoin, and Paxful, where there is high demand for these digital assets.

12. Flipping Items On eBay

You can decide to go into the business of buying and selling using the eBay sales platform. This will make for a good business and money-making opportunity for you as a Nigerian student. To start on the eBay app or website, you must first open an eBay account very importantly. 

To open an eBay account, you must visit the website and follow the sign-up procedure. You will have to provide your name, email address, contact number, and address for them to verify your identity. Once verified, you will be asked for some personal information (like date of birth) which they use for verification purposes only. After this has been completed successfully and you’ve received a confirmation email from eBay about setting up your account successfully, then you can begin to buy and sell on eBay. 

13. Selling Art Online

Flipping artworks for profit is another good source of income for anyone, including university students. You can sell paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and posters. If you are an artist, you can make money by selling your work online as a student or as a young person. You can also sell digital art in the form of paintings or photographs on the internet. 

Another thing you can do is venture into photography which involves taking pictures that people may want to buy online through various platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

14. Social Media Influencing

Social media influencers are individuals who have gained a large following on social media platforms. You should be able to identify your target audience and create content that resonates with them for this business idea to work for you. Once you have placed your target audience and created relevant and compelling content, you can use social media influencers to promote your brand.

You can build your presence on various social media platforms by developing engaging content that will generate organic traffic and grow followership organically through sharing posts by others. This strategy may take longer than those relying on paid advertising, but if done right, it should prove more effective in getting more followers who are likely to stick around long-term rather than just clicking and moving on (as is often the case with paid ads).

15. Managing Search Engine Optimization For Brands

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. It’s about getting traffic to your site via natural or organic search results on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other popular search engines.

This involves promoting your website using different strategies for better visibility in search results. If you are good at SEO, this is one way to make money, as it will be a steady income stream.

SEO is also great for getting free traffic from search engines and fostering organic reach. The good thing about SEO is that it’s not just limited to internet marketing. You can use it for any business and still get results.

You can reach out to brands and other online business owners to manage their SEO while they focus on growing their businesses. This is one sure way to make money as a student without any money.

16. Selling Social Media Management Services

Social media management services involve managing social media accounts for businesses. The responsibilities of a social media manager include:

  • Creating and curating content.
  • Posting updates.
  • Engaging with the audience.
  • Responding to queries, among others.

Some of the most common tools you will need to use for your social media management business include:

  • Social Media Management Software: These apps help you schedule posts and tweets in advance, saving time.
  • Social Media Marketing: This is where you promote your business using various platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc. You can also use paid advertising on these platforms if you don’t want to spend hours doing it yourself. 
  • Social Media Analytics: If you want to improve the performance of your page or campaign, then analytics will help you do just that. Most analytics tools allow users to access real-time reports to know what’s working (or not) at any given time.

Social media management companies help clients manage their social media accounts by creating content, scheduling posts, and monitoring user feedback on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. As a social media management entrepreneur, you would be responsible for creating engaging content that will drive traffic to your client’s website or blog while also building brand awareness.

17. Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is another online business you can engage in as a Nigerian student to earn good money, depending on how skilled you are in the industry. You first need to have your ideas or build apps for clients. It’s easy to make money from a mobile app, and the first thing is creating it—several platforms for developing mobile apps, such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. 

There are different tools such as Xcode (for iOS), Android SDK, and Visual Studio for WP8, among others which can be used to develop these apps. Once you have built your app, you must promote it to create awareness. Here are some ideas on how to promote your application when you have built one:

  • Create press releases
  • Advertise on social media channels like Instagram or Facebook (but keep in mind the fact that they will take their share of revenue)
  • Use Google Play store’s adverts feature, which allows developers to promote paid apps with banner ads within search results pages.
  • You can also monetize your app using several ways, including: 
  • In-app purchases – where users can buy virtual goods within games  
  • Subscriptions – where users pay monthly subscription fees  
  • Donating money through GoFundMe or Patreon

Nigeria’s mobile market is also highly fragmented, with many players offering different services. This means there are plenty of opportunities for new apps to gain traction among consumers and make a profit.

18. Video Production and Editing

Video production is creating a video by capturing moving images and making recordings of sound, video, etc. Video editing is selecting and preparing video clips, sounds, photographs, effects, or text.

This can be a good business for you if you have a passion and desire for video production and editing. Here are some ways you can make money from video production and editing:

  • You can sell your services to companies who need videos for their websites or social media pages. 
  • You could also create your brand or channel on YouTube or Instagram that sells products related to what you’re passionate about, such as beauty products/makeup tutorials if you love makeup. 
  • If you have good editing skills, try making money by freelancing on Fiverr or other job platforms.

You can also find freelance work on Upwork, Fiveer, or Freelancer sites. If you’re good enough, you may work with big names like Reuters, Cnet, or Vice News.

19. Sell Online Courses and Ebooks

You can also sell your books or sell other people’s online courses, books, and ebooks. If you want to be able to sell physical copies of your course or ebook, you’ll need to print them yourself. But suppose you have a digital version of the item you’re selling (usually through an ebook). In that case, there are plenty of places where people will buy from you without having to receive anything in return physically. 

You can list both digital and physical copies on sites like Gumroad or Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Suppose you have more than one item for sale in a particular niche market. In that case, you could set up an account with Udemy or Skillshare where people can purchase multiple courses at once for less money per individual course than would be charged by Udemy or Skillshare individually.

20. Freelance Content Writing

Content writing is one of the best ways to earn money online. It can be done from anywhere, and you don’t have to have any special skills or qualifications to start. You can write about anything, in any industry, and for any audience on any platform or language. You could start by writing blog posts or articles for websites that pay writers per word; these websites often have a minimum length requirement. 

Another option is looking for jobs on freelancing sites like Upwork where employers post tasks ranging from editing photos to designing logos.

Online business ventures are great for Nigerian students because they don’t require the same level of capital and infrastructure as other business models. You can start small and scale up when you have more money or experience rather than having to commit a large start-up investment right away.

Furthermore, online businesses are ideal for students because they require less space than traditional brick-and-mortar shops and offices. This is especially true if you’re selling something through e-commerce that doesn’t need to be stored in your house, such as physical products. 

Online businesses also don’t need large workforces as some other companies do; this is especially true if your venture sells digital products or services. 

As a student, you can hire freelancers from sites like Upwork or Fiverr instead of hiring full-time staff members who take up office space and have payroll needs (like health benefits).

Which Online Business Can I Do As A Student?

There are several types of online businesses that you can do as a student anywhere in the world. These online businesses include Blogging, V-logging, Mobile App Development, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

What Can I Sell As A Student In Nigeria?

You can sell several things as a student in Nigeria to make some extra cash or money for living expenses. One major thing to sell for money is your skill; now, there are several different types of expertise and skilled services you can sell. 

What Can I Sell Online In Nigeria?

There is no shortage of things to sell online in Nigeria. If you are a student or even an employee, you can still make money from the comfort of your home. You can sell anything from used clothes to gadgets and everything in between.

What Business Can I Start Without Money As A Student?

If you have some skills or experience, you can start a business with little or no capital. If you have skills that people need, then sell them for money! It doesn’t matter if your skill is writing books, programming code, or designing graphics.

How Much Can I Make Online As A Nigerian Student?

The amount of money you can make online as a Nigerian student depends on how much time you are willing to invest in your business. The more time you spend, the more money you will make.

How Long Will It Take Me To Make My First Millions As A Student? 

It’s not easy to make money as a student, but you can make millions. It’s not easy and will take time, but you can do it. On average, It takes about two years to start making money from a business. You can make your first million before graduating with the right business plan.

I hope you have found this post enlightening and given you good insight on how to start your online business as a Nigerian Student. I also hope I can convince you that starting an online business is feasible and lucrative.

If all the above-listed options seem too difficult for you, go for drop shipping, where all the work is done by someone else. All you need to do is provide funds for purchases made by customers from other countries who are ordering products from Nigeria through your website or app platform.